Hayward City Council Member Mark Salinas

will Run for Re-Election in November 2020

May 1, 2020


I am writing  friends today and letting everyone know I plan to run for re-election this November.  Election Day is November 3, 2020.  Since the shelter-in-place order and all of the community service and relief work required to keep families safe and healthy, I have temporarily suspended the campaign to focus on service and relief efforts.  According to the Alameda County Public Health Department on April 29, the shelter-in-place order is extended till May 31st.  This year’s election and campaign activities will be different.  That is why I am emailing everyone today.

I do have news to share and you can share this with your family and neighbors.  While we’re all sheltering-in-place and figuring out ways to keep our families healthy and secure, I am proud of what my office, city staff, and you have collectively accomplished for all of our  families and neighbors.  We’re being tested and as a city we’re all stepping up, supporting each other, and leading the East Bay with results.  While all of us have been living through the shelter-in-place order, the City of Hayward has been meeting the moment with seriousness, focus, and with equity.  With much credit to the Hayward Fire Department, we have tested thousands of individuals and if tested positive for COVID-19, then there is access to high quality medical care regardless of income.  If while sheltering-in-place families need help, there is a citywide coordinated effort to help families with relief and food.  Here are powerful examples of all of us working together and meeting the moment while keeping committed to safety, health, and equity.

  • Positioned the Friends of Chabot College Foundation to distribute $170,000 dollars to students.
  • Shored up St. Rose Hospital and its ability to respond to COVID-19 patients and provide high quality health care to all families.
  • Launched the Hayward COVID-19 Relief Fund with $426,000 dollars to help vulnerable Hayward families.
  • Directed $1.47 million dollars in community development block grants towards helping families and neighborhood retail shops.
  • Gave Hayward businesses relief and saved jobs by extending the implementation of the new minimum wage ordinance.
  • Established the Hayward small business $5,000 dollar grant program to help small business owners.
  • Enacted a 90-Day Residential and Commercial Eviction Moratorium to protect tenants.
  • Opened the COVID-19 Testing Center to establish local access to testing.
  • Opened the Emergency Volunteer Center to offer safe opportunities to help others.
  • Opened the COVID-19 Hotline so Hayward families can immediately be connected to resources without leaving their home.  (510) 583-4949
  • Opened the City of Hayward Emergency Operation Center to manage the crisis.
  • Allocated $3 million dollars to testing Hayward families for COVID-19.

The shelter-in-place order is serious and it is important we stay indoors.  If you have to go outside, then wear a face mask, wear rubber gloves, and keep practicing social distancing.  Keep washing your hands too.  While these are tough times for all families, we’re all focused on keeping all of our families and neighbors healthy and safe.

I am proud of what my office has accomplished with your support and over the years, this is what we have accomplished:

  • Prioritized fully staffing Hayward’s fire and police departments to make all neighborhoods the safest places possible.
  • I am a member of Hayward’s Housing and Homelessness Task Force and we have increased housing opportunities for all income levels, prevented displacement, and we opened Hayward’s Homeless Navigation Center to transition individuals into permanent housing.
  • I have voted for budgets that prioritized spending more on making neighborhoods clean and healthy for kids and families.
  • As a member of the Council’s Infrastructure Committee, I have directed dollars to keep streets maintained, durable, and safe to travel on.
  • My voting record demonstrates my commitment to preserving Hayward’s position as a leader in combating climate change.
  • As a member of Council’s Economic Development Committee, I have given direction to grow Hayward’s local economy so employers and employees benefit.  And, between 2018 and 2019 Hayward grew 563 new businesses.
  • I have adopted responsible and balanced city budgets that pay for the services we all expect from city hall.
  • I have built strong education to career pipelines and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships so students can afford to go to school and graduate from high school and college prepared to enter great careers.

Looking ahead, my office is committed to getting through this pandemic first.  In the short term, I am focused on continuing our testing efforts and treating patients who are sick.  I am also focused on relief for families, especially our most vulnerable neighbors.  A significant component to Hayward’s recovery is the budget.  Our long term recovery will be based on our ability to build a budget that is shored up and meets our expectations for services.  As a city, we have invested time and money in developing priorities and strategic initiatives.  As we recover, you can count on my office honoring what all of us have prioritised: safe and healthy neighborhoods; clean and green policies and activities; a sustainable budget; as well as modernizing the Tennyson Corridor without displacing families and instead promoting a renaissance of economic development, housing, art and culture. 

I am a Hayward native and my values come from living in Hayward my whole life.  I was born at St. Rose Hospital and I was raised in the Schafer Park Neighborhood in South Hayward.  I attended Hayward schools, participated in the Puente Project, and I transferred from Chabot College to San Francisco State University.  Today,  I am a Community Resident Engagement Specialist for California State University, East Bay Hayward Promise Neighborhood; I teach History and Ethnic Studies at Chabot College; and I am the Executive Director of The Kids’ Breakfast Club.  My wife Lety and I live in Downtown Hayward and our family values are Hayward’s values.  As we struggle through this period, I remain focused on what we expect from City Hall: moral leadership and equitable policies that ensure everybody and every neighborhood benefits.

Thank you for your support over the years.  Will you join the campaign again this year?  There are many different ways you can participate and help us get re-elected on Tuesday, November 3rd.

  • Endorse the campaign.  Go to the Mark Salinas for Hayward City Council website and endorse.  Click here:  www.voteforsalinas.com
  • Contribute what you can to the campaign.  You can contribute online.  
  • Put up a lawn sign and show your support for the campaign.
  • Walk a precinct with me and the team.  Of course when it’s safe to go out again.
  • Share your support for the campaign on social media.  #voteforsalinas
  • Share this email with your friends and invite them to support and endorse the campaign.

We’re all excited to get the campaign moving again.  I have never taken this opportunity for granted and I have always represented my home town with empathy, professionalism, and honor.  I am deeply humbled to have your support and I am honored to have your vote on November 3.

Thank you very much,