Mayor of Hayward 2022 Announcement

Today, I am extremely proud to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Hayward.  Knowing my lived experiences being born at St. Rose Hospital and raised in the Schafer Park Neighborhood, the prospects of serving as your Mayor is an honor.  I have successfully served as your Council Member for three terms and I have steered our city through tough economic times, through a pandemic, and now working on opening our city safely and making a comeback where we all benefit.

The Hayward I imagine invests in your family and neighborhood first.  I imagine a city where families are growing healthy, moving through seamless education to career pathways, and having enough money to live and thrive.

Twenty three months ago all of our lives were impacted by COVID-19.  In less than twenty days, the City of Hayward, the Hayward Fire Department, and partner agencies mobilized an historic citywide response to help families and businesses.  We launched testing and vaccination events.  We provided healthcare and distributed food.  We also connected families to economic and rent relief.  Many of you were responsible for our city’s collective response.  This was one of our city’s finest hours and we showed what we can accomplish when we work together for the benefit of all Hayward families.

As the city opens up and returns to normalcy, we are not quite out of the woods yet. I am focused on your family’s recovery and I am excited about the opportunities ahead.  As your Mayor, I plan to work with all Council Members and focus on the following:

  • Recover from COVID-19 and apply recovery funds to services that help families now.
  • Fully staff the Hayward Fire Department and invest in equipment and technologies that keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Through a community-wide process, inclusive discussion, and community consensus, deliver protection services that are equitable, accountable, and focused on preventing crime.
  • Build housing for every income level and connect families to opportunities and amenities such as good and quality schools, safe and convenient transportation, and healthy food.
  • Grow Hayward’s economy by making it easier to open and grow businesses; investing in education to career pipelines, and open relevant retail in neighborhoods.
  • Fully fund and implement Hayward’s investment in combating climate change.
  • With the school district, Chabot College, and  CSU East Bay, invest in seamless and durable cradle to career pipelines, career and technical education pathways, and create high quality jobs for graduates.

Election Day is November 8, 2022.  You can support the campaign in a few ways.  Make a contribution to Mark Salinas for Mayor of Hayward 2022, endorse the campaign, and forward this letter to your family and friends.  You can contribute and endorse online at: Thank you in advance for your support.