It's very difficult to ask friends and family for campaign contributions.  So thank you very much in advance for your contribution today. 

I am proud of my record supporting and voting for strong campaign finance rules for all candidates seeking seats on the Hayward City Council.  I have voluntarily signed on and promised to limit how much I spend on campaigns.  And, I have voluntarily signed on and promised to limit how much I will receive from any one individual.  This is important to me because elections must be accessible to everyone regardless of how much money we have.

I will promise all of you this, one hundred percent of your campaign contribution will be spent on campaign related activities, supplies, and materials.  Including campaign literature and handouts; envelopes and stamps; signs; campaign buttons; and of course lots of pizza for volunteers.

We accept contributions of any amount.  Per the City of Hayward ordinance, your contribution may not exceed $1,620.00 dollars.  Thank you for supporting us and thank you for your contribution.



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