Today, more than ever, City Council Members must be principled, know their responsibilities, and have the ability to make sound decisions grounded in equity.

As a Hayward native and someone who has lived his entire life in Hayward, I have organized my office to focus on your family, children, and your neighbors.  We are a diverse city and like families across the United States we are concerned about living in safe neighborhoods and keeping our families healthy.  And, our prospects for a better tomorrow motivates us.

Here are principles that guide my office and my work.  Together, we have built and invested in a path that has brought our city forward.  I am committed to working with you and your neighbors to forge a path that serves every family and brings us into the future.


People First

Every family - regardless of income, race, ethnicity, zip code, and citizenship status - deserves to grow and thrive in safe and healthy neighborhoods.  Policy makers must put the families they serve at the center of every decision, and every resident must have the opportunity to engage in the development of policies that create and support sustainable and thriving neighborhoods.


Use Data 

I remain committed to collecting and using data - particularly disaggregated data, which can help identify specific neighborhoods and families that need support.  Examining current, comprehensive data tells us where we are succeeding, and where there are gaps we need to bridge.  Data also helps us set goals, measure success, and readjust our approach as needed.  Guided by quantitative data and qualitative findings from stakeholder input, I will continue to make sure we serve, cover, and protect all neighborhoods and families so we recover together.


Fortify Infrastructure

Hayward, like every city, has two parallel infrastructures: physical and social.  I am committed to strengthening both.  Every neighborhood deserves roads and sidewalks that are durable and safe.  Current and potential residents should expect the city to produce housing for every income level, preserve existing housing so families can live sustainably, and enact policies that protect renters so they can live with certainty.  Hayward’s infrastructure is strengthened by the community-based organizations that deliver programs and services - from healthcare, to food, to education, to economic development.  I will fortify our social institutions, and invest in neighborhoods with families that need more support.


Responsible Budget

In this time of uncertainty, Hayward’s budget must be sustainable and deliver the services we need and expect.  Hayward will recover, but the speed at which we recover and move toward growth is based on how well we can focus on core city services and safely open businesses.  We must eliminate barriers to recovery and enact policies that support employers and employees through this time.  And jobs must be protected.  Municipal leaders need to know their city and listen to their constituents to build a budget responsive to their needs, and make confident, strategic, and equitable financial decisions.


Community Engagement

Elected leaders must promote democratic principles and listen to families who rely on them to make sound decisions.  Our city is stronger when decisions are made transparently and in partnership with all stakeholders.  All neighborhoods and families deserve elected officials who seek and include their voice in developing policy that protects the city, and who promote neighborhood advocacy and involvement.

With these guiding principles, I am focused on Hayward’s comeback and I will continue to work tirelessly to take us to a future where all families and neighborhoods are safe, healthy, and strong.