We Endorse Mark!

It's humbling to receive endorsements.  I appreciate all of the support from Hayward and Hayward Area elected leaders and commissioners who represent Hayward and make decisions for our neighborhoods.  I also appreciate the support from individuals and groups across the city who roll up their sleeves and put in the time and resources to serving all families.  From public safety to neighborhood leaders to Promotoras to business leaders to labor groups to education professionals and to students who organize on and off campus for a better community.  This is truly a neighborhood and family driven campaign with people focused on service to others.  

Support the campaign and endorse today.  

Thank you in advance!


Eric Swalwell | United States Congressman


Bill Quirk | California State Assembly Member


Phong La | Alameda County Assessor


Richard Valle | Alameda County Supervisor


Chris Peoples | AC Transit Director At-Large

Mark Williams | AC Transit Director


L. Karen Monroe | Alameda County Superintendent of Schools

Sheila Jordan | Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Emerita

Janevette Cole | Alameda County School Board Trustee

Aisha Knowles | Alameda County School Board Trustee

Eileen McDonald| Alameda County School Board Trustee


Louis Andrade | Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Director

Rick Hatcher | Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Director

Paul Hodges | Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Director

Minane Jameson | Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Director


Frank Mellon | East Bay Municipal Utility District Board Member


Dennis Waspi | East Bay Regional Park District Board Member


Mariellen Faria, R.N. | Eden Health District Board Member 

Pam Russo, R. N. | Eden Health District Board Member


Barbara Halliday | Mayor of Hayward

Michael Sweeney | Mayor of Hayward (Retired)

Dr. Maria Ochoa


Sara Lamnin | Hayward City Council Member

Elisa Márquez | Hayward City Council Member

Al Mendall | Hayward City Council Member

Francisco Zermeño | Hayward City Council Member


Bishop J. W. Macklin | Glad Tidings Church*


Magdalena Cerna | Hayward Community Services Commissioner

Arzo Mehdavi, R. N. | Hayward Community Services Commissioner 

Bridgett Lowe, J.D. | Hayward Library Commissioner

Ray Bonilla | Hayward Planning Commissioner

Mariellen Faria, R. N. | Hayward Planning Commissioner

Dan Goldstien | Hayward Planning Commissioner

Rodney Loche | Hayward Planning Commissioner (retired)

Diane McDermott | Hayward Planning Commissioner

Julie Roche, J.D. | Hayward Planning Commissioner


Sara Prada | Hayward Police Department Advisory Panelist


Dr. Robert Carlson | Hayward Unified School District Trustee

Frank Garcia | Hayward Unified School District Trustee (retired)

Dr. April Oquenda | Hayward Unified School District Trustee

Ken Rawdon | Hayward Unified School District Trustee

Sergio Saenz | Hayward Unified School District Trustee (retired)

Joel Thonley | Hayward Unified School District Superintendent (retired)


Peter Oshinski | San Leandro Unified School District Trustee


Dr. Hal Gin | Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Trustee

Linda Granger | Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Trustee

Maria Heredia | Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Trustee

Tom Sabranti | Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Trustee


Raj Salwan | Fremont City Council Member


Stephen Cassidy | Mayor of San Leandro (retired)

Ed Hernandez | San Leandro City Council Member


Pat Gacoscos, Union City City Council Member

Gary Singh | Union City City Council Member


Linda Canlas | New Haven Unified School District Trustee 

Rosie Torres | Oakland Unified School District Trustee

East Bay Times Newspaper


Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County


Hayward Chamber of Commerce Good Government Now


Hayward Democratic Club


Hayward Firefighters Local 1909


Labors Local 304 | LiUNA! 304


Northern California Carpenters


Bay East Association of Realtors


American Sikhs Political Engagement Network

Sikh Community Organized for Political Action

Lori Salinas | Mom

Lety Salinas | Wife

Everardo Alamillo and Aracelica Alamillo

Mimi Baurer | Chair, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association*

Kathy Morris | President, Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association*

Irma Torres-Fitzsimmons | Principal, Burbank Elementary School*

Guillermo Morales | Principal, Treeview Elementary School*

Sergio and Elsa Saenz 

Frank Garcia | Executive Director, Puente Project (retired)*

Robert Sakai and Marge Orozco-Sakai

Felix Galaviz | Co-Founder of the Puente Project*

Dr. Norma Ambriz

Larry Ratto

Winny Knowles

Diane Fagalde

Cipatli Uribe

Keoni Gist

Peter Rosen

Greg Galati

Jorge Martinez

Rene Hertzfield | Executive Director, Community Childcare Council (4C's) of Alameda County*

Kristina Adams | Program Director, HUSD Early Learning Programs*

Dr. Mitchell Ha | Associate Program Director, HUSD Early Learning Programs*

Mariana Triviso

Diane Lane

Jose Cobo

Roy and Jodie Gordan

Kate Hardwig

Alice Alvarardo

Joseph Perez

Peggy Guernsey

Amanda Guernsey

Diane Fagalde

Guadalupe Jimenez Longoria 

Tejinder Dhami

Bhupinder Parmar

Shimon Kanhai

Elgin and Bridgette Foster Lowe

Tony Solorio | Owner, Tacos Uruapan 

Alejando Gamarra | Owner, The Mexican Restaurant and Grill and Metro Taqueria

Julio Romero | Owner, Brews and Brats

Guillermo and Kristen Nevarez

Rigoberto Ibarra 

Simone Jimenez

Carlos Harvey 

Vecepia Robinson

Francis and Marita Cheng 

Julius Willis

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Hendra Tambunan

Paul and Jennifer Gonsalves

Paul Sheridan 

Liliana Mendoza

Deisy Bates | President, Association of Educational Office and Technical Employees*

Consuelo Jimenez

Elena Lepe 

Nelly Camacho

James and Jessica Fernandez

Julieta Martinez

Ana Rodriguez

Christine Matye

Arianne Riley

Heather Reyes

Brenda Rivas

Jeff Fajardo

Elizabeth Carrera

Ana Garcia

A. Joy Brown

Annette Rucker

Ron Meyers

Martin and Sandra Genera

Abdul Rauf

Jason Aranda

Maria Gonzalez

Sharan Kaur

Jodie and Roy Gordan

Patricia Little

Patrick Hartman

Prabhdeep Singh

Travis Milistefr

Jasmine Estrada

Todd Fitch

Greg Galoti

David and Marian Kolm

Louis Goodman

Dr. James and Mrs. Leona Fryer

Jatinderpal Kaur Sahi

Anastasia Perez

Jerry Turney

Khadijah Abdulhaqq

Carol Aldine

Javier Mendoza

Seana Condit-Gordan | Principal, Bret Harte Middle School*

Kyle Pesonen

Hema Segaren

Chris Zaballos

Enedina Perez

Jesus Perez

Joyce Dobro

Amita Dave

Sophia Daura

LuzMaria Nevel

Edmundo Nevel

Keoni Gist

Angelo Tizzoni

Brian Garza

Manjit Gill

Amardeep Brar

Bhupinder Randhawa

Gurwinder Singh

Amarjit Singh

Balbir Singh

Joginder Singh

Gurjit Singh

Gurjeet Davinder Singh

Randhir Gill

Jagroop Singh

Tejpal Singh

Darshan Singh Sandhu

Harjeet Singh

Kuljit Singh

Gurcharan Mann

Radio Chardi Kala

Jot Preet Singh, M.D.

Bikkar Singh Nijjar

Bhupinder Padam

Ronald Stutrud

Jenalyn Oliveri

Matthew Thomas Chapman, Founder, Growing Up Guide Pup

Henry Hutchins

Kamini Singh

Rich Cardenas

Saira Bano, Owner of Jannat Decor

Jorge Calderon

Norma Arroyo

Bill Espinola

Arelis Sandoval, R.N.

Mark Vaka

Jeaneane Reardon

Jaswinder Singh

Brenda Rivas

Rich Cardenss

Amjad Khan

Armando De Pina


(Partial List)

*Title for identification purposes