Public Health and Protecting Neighborhoods

  • Fully fund and staff the Hayward Fire Department so it can strengthen and expand expertise in protecting public health
  • Continue to test
  • Keep the Community Advisory Committee to the Chief of Police
  • Calibrate police budget so police officers focus on crime and appropriate professionals focus on mental health, homelessness, and children
  • Fully fund and staff the Hayward Police Department, with recruitment focused on officers who mirror Hayward's diversity and are committed to community policing principles
  • Increase the number of Neighborhood Alert clubs
  • Continue to support the Junior Giants summer program for kids


Grow Hayward's Economy

  • Help local businesses and neighborhood retailers recover and grow
  • Streamline processes for businesses to get plans approved, to build, and to open their doors
  • Create seamless education-to-career pipelines for high school and college graduates
  • Set high standards for job quality and wages so families can thrive and grow
  • Make Hayward a food oasis, with healthful options in every neighborhood


Plan and Build Diverse Housing Options for Every Income Level

  • Make the Council Homelessness-Housing Task Force a permanent committee
  • Keep the Navigation Center open and serving individuals transitioning to sustainable housing
  • Ensure developers build on-site affordable housing options
  • Establish public lands policy, affordable housing trusts, and prioritize programs for affordable rental housing and first-time homebuyers
  • Maintain the residential rent stabilization and tenant protection ordinance, and update as needed

Combat Climate Change

  • Reduce the City of Hayward's dependency on fossil fuels
  • Keep Hayward in the East Bay Community Energy program and aim for 100% carbon free electricity across the city
  • Increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Develop equitable, transit-oriented neighborhoods that do not displace existing residents


Build a Budget for Recovery and Growth

  • Focus spending on core services that maintain clean and safe neighborhoods until the economy rebounds
  • Raise city revenues and invest those tax dollars in jobs that are good for Hayward’s economy and families
  • Keep the City Council's promise to spend Measure C and Measure T funds on services approved by voters
  • Restore and increase financial reserves to withstand future economic struggles
  • Seek a community-wide process, inclusive discussion, and community consensus to determine budget for public safety


Invest in Programs that Serve Youth

  • Build out the California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) educational data system to: prioritize student equity, improve student support and services; and to quickly connect families to help when needed.
  • Invest in education programs that focus on children 0-10 years old
  • Connect families with high-quality child care resources and opportunities
  • Strengthen high school and college education-to-career pipelines
  • Fully fund the Hayward Public Library and enhance its community education programs for students
  • Expand nutrition education and partner with professional educators to teach healthier habits and connect kids to food
  • Set expectations for Hayward companies to hire local talent from our high schools and colleges