Quality of Life

  • Spent Measure C funds and built the new Hayward Public Library; renovated firehouses and started building the new firehouse and training center; and invested in protective services.
  • Partnered with Hayward Area agencies and started designing the new Eden Youth and Family Center on Tennyson Road.
  • Invested in murals across the city and landscaped and beautified the Jackson Street and Tennyson Road corridors.
  • Established the Community Advisory Committee to the Chief of Police.
  • Directed funds in the 2020-21 budget to invest in family wellness activities, mental health services, and to evaluate service call and police officer dispatch assignments.
  • With the Hayward Promise Neighborhood, invested $55 million dollars in the Jackson Triangle and in the Glassbrook, Tyrrell, and Ruus school communities.
  • Issued a state of emergency in Hayward and the Hayward Fire Department quickly implemented the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Center.
  • Created the Hayward Promise Neighborhood Promise Plate program and connected hundreds of deserving families to nutritious meals on Saturdays during the Shelter-in-Place.
  • Participated in raising $200,000 dollars for Chabot College students for COVID-19 relief and laptops.
  • Invested in St. Rose Hospital and enhanced services for Hayward families and their children.
  • Co-Founder of the Hayward Early Learning Committee, with the mission to establish policies that make early learning programs and activities free and accessible to all families.
  • Contributing Author to the Early Learning Action Plan for families with children 0 to 10 years old.


Housing and Protecting Tenants 

  • Mayor appointee to the Hayward Housing and Homeless task Force.
  • Invested over $1.5 million dollars in the Hayward Navigation Center to help individuals experiencing homelessness transition to stable housing.
  • Established policy to incentivize housing production so families of all income levels can afford to purchase a home and live in Hayward.
  • Per California Senate Bill 35, established policy to accelerate the approval process for affordable housing projects.
  • Prioritized affordable housing and required developers to build affordable units on-site.
  • Per California State Senate, established the policy so homeowners can build ‘granny units’ in their backyards.
  • As a member of the Housing and Homeless Task Force, worked on the current Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection Ordinance.
  • Voted for the moratorium on evictions during COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place.


Development and Growing our Economy

  • Voted for the Downtown Specific Plan and set clear policies for future development and retail in Downtown Hayward.
  • 21 Developments are in the development pipeline.
  • To fill empty buildings, established the Vacant Property Monitoring Program.
  • Two new hotels on Mission Boulevard and two new hotels at the Hayward Executive Airport are under construction and slated to be built.
  • Launched the COVID-19 Small Business Resiliency Grant Programs and dispersed COVID-19 relief to local businesses
  • A new car dealership will be built on Mission Boulevard.
  • CALTRANS parcels are getting developed and will continue to work with Mission Boulevard corridor neighborhoods to plan future projects.


Combating climate change 


Infrastructure achievements


Protecting Neighborhoods and Families

  • Measure C is delivering the protection services neighborhoods voted for and expect.
  • The Community Advisory Committee to the Chief of Police is meeting and building better protection services for Hayward.
  • In 2020-21 budget year will invest in mental health services and strengthen community policing.
  • Evaluating police department personnel and service calls, and dispatching patrol officers and mental health professionals appropriately to calls.
  • Voted to conduct independent investigations on all officer involved shootings that result in death.