Ballot Statement

Mark Salinas for Mayor of Hayward

Ballot Statement | Election Day Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Mark Salinas

Occupation: Council Member and College Instructor

Age: 52

I was born at St. Rose Hospital, raised in South Hayward, graduated from Hayward High School, and I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from San Francisco State University.  I am proud Hayward is my home and I am asking to be the next Mayor.  My lived experiences, my successful record on the City Council, and my community activities have prepared me to lead Hayward’s comeback.  As Mayor I will do the following: focus on the city’s priorities; spend COVID-19 relief money on services for Hayward; fully staff the fire department; respond to quality of life concerns such as stopping side shows, slowing speeding, and connecting the unhoused to services faster.  I will build housing for every income level and connect families to more amenities including good schools, safe and convenient transportation, more parks, and healthy food.  I will make it easier to open and grow businesses and I plan to open more relevant retail options.  With school partners, we will build universal pre-school and seamless education pathways that lead to college and jobs that sustain families.  Hayward Firefighters and the Hayward Chamber of Commerce support me and I will be honored to have your vote.  Visit